local marketing

With above 50 percent of the searches, shopping, and internet browsing on mobile phones, location marketing has become a foundation for the digital marketing. The field is expected to explode with the growing importance and attention of digital marketing companies.

Have a look at the 5 ways the local market is expected to boom in 2016.

1. Location data will gain due attention for local marketing

If you are one of the businesses who has been using the personal data like business name, address and phone number just as a passive asset, this is the right time to pay more attention to accurate location data to get top position in search engines. Businesses can make their data more accessible by gaining strong relationships with major publishers and carefully curating different vertical market platforms.

2. Google will pay more attention to local searches

Google always strive to offer smooth and hassle free experience to the visitors. Looking at the growing importance and use of local searches, the leading search engine decided to invest more in local search optimization. It has already started with the release of Search Quality Ratings Guidelines in local searches. Moreover, it will also release Google My Business API with additional features of editing in local knowledge graph results.

3. Apps will be used for more targeted local campaigns

Apps like Periscope and Snapchat have helped many businesses in their marketing campaigns and direct response at a national level. The large enterprises have resources to measure results of the campaigns run through the apps and use the same for the more targeted audience. To leverage the power of these apps, local businesses need to syndicate their data with apps and data amplifiers.

4. Mobile wallets will gain more popularity

Businesses are now aware of the power of mobile wallets and using the same to create customers locally. As per a mobile marketing provider, more than half of the customers prefer getting mobile wallet content, and around 70 percent like to save an offer to the mobile wallet if given an option. Besides compelling content and offers, diverse applications like coupons, mass transit, and loyalty programs will further boost the popularity of mobile wallet in 2016.

5. Competitors will keep trying to snatch share from Google

Google is no doubt the strongest search engine, competitors like Facebook and Apple will continue with their efforts the encroach in it’s area. Apple has already started making a mark in smart searches through iOS 9, which draws varied local data sources. This might be a competition for Google, but for brands it is an opportunity to make strong relations with other alternatives and reap the benefits by understanding consumer behavior on these publishing platforms.


To optimize revenue from the local search marketing in 2016, the businesses should bring some changes in their strategies, give more importance to personal data, use the power of apps and build relations with the alternate publishing houses.