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Are you a local business owner with limited access to the technology and different marketing tools? Do you get confused with so many marketing options? Are you worried how to reach out to the audience scattered over so many media outlets, apps, platforms and social networking websites? Do you really find it difficult to compete with the businesses having a good budget to explore every marketing channel and grab your share of the market?

These are some of the problems every local business owner faces. They even consult with the expert digital marketing companies to get suggestions and start with their online marketing campaigns. To make this easier for you, here are top 6 ways to simplify your local search marketing strategy for 2016.

1. Use social media only for engagement

I have come across many Facebook pages having nothing but the product pictures of the company. The small scale businesses forget that on social media platforms audience comes to interact with each other, not to find products. This should be used only for engagement with the existing and potential customers. Though you can timely update about the new products, deals or offers, but there should be a right balance between self-promotion and informative content on social media networks.

If you cannot handle the accounts, it is better to hire services of experienced social media marketing company and get benefited from the power of this platform instead of getting blocked due to excessive self-promotion.

2. Don’t become a preacher

Have you seen people who just post informative posts? No doubt information is good, but too much information (TMI) is negative. Don’t become a preacher with information overload. Excessive information also makes decision making difficult and drive away the visitors. It is better to use impressive call-to-action, relevant information and offer extensions to act like maps, phone numbers etc.

3. Analyze only meaningful numbers

Data is important to measure the performance, but alike too much information excessive data also creates confusion. Cut through the clutter by just giving attention to the numbers that matter the most for your business.

4. Give importance to mobile-only websites

If you have a limited budget and want an effective solution to reach out to a wide audience, focus on the mobile-only website. These sites can be accessed on desktops, but desktop sites are really hard to read on mobiles. It will not just help you save money but will also help you satisfy Google’s algorithm and around 67% of customers browsing the net on mobile phones.

5. Follow 80/20 rule

Don’t waste your resources on targeting a wide market; rather focus on 80/20 rule, where your focus in one top 20% market generating maximum results for you. This 20 percent real asset includes visits from keywords, calls from ad extensions and sales from advertising.

6. Adopt ecommerce

Adapting the advanced technology and tools can help you grow you small scale business. If you count the numbers, there are very few SMBs leveraging the power of e-commerce. If you scare of using this feature due to limited knowledge, expert ecommerce website designing companies can solve the problem for you. They will use the advanced tools to help you get quick and long term benefits from your investment.

If you really understand the importance of digital marketing and want to gain from this, use of even a few strategies can give you dramatic results. Just analyze your business, check your resources and consult with an experienced online marketing company to make a plan of action for local search marketing campaign.