29 01, 2016

How mobiles have affected digital marketing and PPC?

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Pay Per Click marketing or PPC advertising is one of the important parts of overall digital marketing strategy. With changes in technology, human behavior and other factors, there have been changes in PPC marketing strategies also. And one of the major contributors in this change is mobile. In 2015, the cost-per-click for desktop advertisements were

27 01, 2016

Handy Guide to Make Local SEO Easy on WordPress Website

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Do you find WordPress the easiest CMS and run a website on this platform? Are you looking for the easy techniques to optimize benefits from WordPress website with local SEO? WordPress websites are the most preferred choices for small scale businesses. This is the highly used platform among people looking for CMS website. As high

22 01, 2016

Ways to Grow Social Reach Without Spending Money

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Facebook is the strongest social media platform, companies rely on to grow their social reach. The though competition in the online market has made it compulsory for the companies to invest in social media marketing and stay in touch with the fans. The largest social networking platform witnesses the presence of companies from almost every

20 01, 2016

5 Content Creation Strategies to Expand It’s Reach

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Content, as we all know, is the king in the digital market. Visitors don't come to the website just to see impressive images or videos, they also look for content for detailed information. There are many businesses and writers who feel satisfied even after getting a few views on their content, but this does not

18 01, 2016

How to make Twitter ads profitable while improving quality score?

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There are different types of marketing strategies companies use to promote their business. Some of these demand upfront investment but take a lot of time to show results, while some give quick results. These include both inbound and outbound promotion strategies for growth of the business. A right blend of both the types of marketing

16 01, 2016

6 Effective Tips To Ensure Right Execution Of Local Marketing Strategy In 2016

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Are you a local business owner with limited access to the technology and different marketing tools? Do you get confused with so many marketing options? Are you worried how to reach out to the audience scattered over so many media outlets, apps, platforms and social networking websites? Do you really find it difficult to compete

15 01, 2016

5 Ways Local Market Will Change in 2016

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With above 50 percent of the searches, shopping, and internet browsing on mobile phones, location marketing has become a foundation for the digital marketing. The field is expected to explode with the growing importance and attention of digital marketing companies. Have a look at the 5 ways the local market is expected to boom in

14 01, 2016

How can query mapping control money wastage in PPC campaigns?

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Are you also one of the PPC marketers who keep waiting for the inefficiencies or some issues to dig deeper into your accounts? Do you get so much busy with keywords bids, campaign performance and day-parting that you don't even get to know about money leakage from you PPC account? There is never a right

13 01, 2016

How to encourage clients to implement SEO recommendations?

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Giving SEO recommendations to the clients is very easy, but the biggest hurdle faced by most of the digital marketing companies is to get these recommendations implemented. This does not end here; clients at the end of the month blame the SEO experts for not achieving the targets like leads, enhanced visibility, traffic etc. Sometimes

12 01, 2016

Google Experiments With New Local Home Service Ads

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Google is always endeavored to offer the best experience to the visitors and for this, the leading search engine keeps making so many changes at regular intervals. The experiment Google is doing now is a new style of home service ads. In this new style, the local search results highlighting potential businesses has been replaced