11 01, 2016

7 Factors that impact Page Speed and SEO

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You visit a website where you have to wait for minutes to load the complete website with images and the content; will you really waste time waiting for the website to load fully or just switch to another matching website? Most of the individuals will opt for the second choice and leave the website taking

8 01, 2016

3 Big PPC Trends and Tactics for 2016

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Trends keep changing with time. Not the fashion trends only, but the ones in other industries also; including paid search market too. In 2015, the PPC companies and experts noticed many changes, features and new tactics to generate more revenue from their investment on paid advertising campaigns. Looking at the trends in 2015, here are

5 01, 2016

Tips To Grow Your Network and Brand Awareness on LinkedIn

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Do you avoid accepting connection requests from people sending the same with typical “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn” messages? When you don't give any attention to such connection requests, how can you expect others to add you to their network? Growing network might not be very difficult on LinkedIn,

4 01, 2016

Which Local Search Trend in 2015 Impacted You The Most?

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Local search marketing is equally essential for any business like overall search engine optimization. Even calling local search marketing more important digital marketing strategy for local business will not be wrong. With many changes, updates and trends in 2015, it was a completely crazy year for local search market. Here are the major trends and

30 12, 2015

What is your pick for successful SEO – Budget; Strategy or Something Else?

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SEO or search engine optimization is the major online marketing tool to gain visibility, get higher rankings and grow business. The biggest confusion businesses face is to decide, the right SEO marketing campaign. Some say that it should go according to the budget, while others say that the strategies should be the center of all

29 12, 2015

Get Most Out of Your AdWord Campaigns With Location Bid Adjustments

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Google AdWords is an effective technique to get quick traffic, leads, sales and revenue. Where it can take months to get ranked in search engines through organic SEO, Paid search advertising enables marketers get quick results. You can further maximize your results from AdWords with location bid adjustments. It gives you a control on frequency

28 12, 2015

5 Helpful Tools To Grow Your Social Media Presence Right Away

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Just look at any leading brand or company today, you will find their active presence on social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. Have you ever wondered, how these brands have gained so much popularity and large follower base on all the social media platforms? The reason that they have acknowledged the

24 12, 2015

5 Soft Skills Today’s SEOs should Possess For Success

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SEO is an ever changing field. To cope with the changes and succeed in this industry, the SEOs need to update them with the new skills. Now there is one question for SEO experts. Is SEO just knowledge of technical skills? What about the soft skills? Whether you are an individual handling your own company’s

23 12, 2015

Get Better Results in YouTube Ads with Wise Keyword Targeting

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Videos are said to be much more impressive and attention grabbing than any other advertising tool online. These are more engaging and help you drive traffic with short and interactive videos. YouTube being one of the largest video sharing platforms also gives companies an opportunity to target their customers with paid ads.  But wait, if

22 12, 2015

Better Business Bureau No Follows Links for SEO

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The experts at Webmaster World found that Better Business Bureau (BBB) includes no followed links to verified and relied businesses. Many businesses also cross checked their listing on BBB to check the link and found them nofollowed. The link had always been valuable, but now it is probably worth more because the number of SEOs