19 12, 2015

Are RLSA and Customer Match in AdWords Same or Different?

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Google’s recently launched Customer Match (CM) gives online marketers a leverage to include email addresses into audience list in AdWords to later use the list for better ad targeting via different sponsored promotions. Though it is a whole new feature, some call it the new version of Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) product. It

18 12, 2015

5 PPC Techniques to Capitalize on Mobile Marketing

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There is no doubt in growing importance of mobile marketing, in an era where most of the online media is accessed through mobile phones. The marketers, who are still spending huge bucks on different marketing campaigns but mobile PPC, are just wasting their money with a poor user experience. If you think that the same

17 12, 2015

What are the benefits of Custom Facebook placement strategy?

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Are you trying to reach out to 968 million people who log into Facebook every day? With the diversified users on mobile phones, desktop and other devices, the social networking platform offers different ad placements to target every user. These three placements are: desktop newsfeed, mobile newsfeed and desktop right column. To get maximum benefit

16 12, 2015

Are you still stuck to keyword optimization?

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If you are still working for SEO and focusing on keyword optimization, you are lagging behind in the ranking race. The latest buzz is ‘real language’ queries or to be more technical ‘topical optimization.’ No doubt the major goal of any business running online is to get found in the search engines and get new

15 12, 2015

Ad Blocking Apps – 3 Tips to Consider Before Rethinking Mobile Marketing

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Those full page ads on clicking on a particular links were getting on the mobile users’ nerves. It took a lot of time of users in finding the cancel button, and moving on to the required information. To save mobile users from this hassle, Apple launched its latest model iOS9 with ad blocking extensions, which

11 12, 2015

Unclickable Links Don’t Pass Any Page Rank

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Link building is one of the strongest strategies for page rank and SEO. Websites strive hard to get quality links from high-rank and valuable websites. But there are many news websites which don’t prefer linking and just write the link in plain text, which might be good for the website’s promotion, but not for page

11 12, 2015

Google Search Console Crawl Errors For Apps Continue to Bug Users

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Google’s Search Console crawl errors for apps are still creating problems for the users as well as app owners even after reporting the issue a month back. Google’s John Mueller commented on the issue that it is a known problem and we are working on it. An updated on the data anomalies pages was also

9 12, 2015

Google Takes Back Change Location Option From Search Filter

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Being a Google user, you will no longer be able to customize your search as per your location, for Google has dropped the change location option from its search filter. As per Google spokesperson, the search engine has removed it intentionally. Google said, “It was getting very little usage, so we’re focusing on other features.”

29 10, 2015

Facebook Search is Expanding

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Just recently, Facebook expanded their Facebook search feature,which lets users to not only search their news feed but also get updated about all public posts and data. Facebook said the search now goes beyond your “friends and family, you can find what  the world is saying about the topics that matter to you” The 3

29 10, 2015

Bing is Now Profitable As Windows 10

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Just recently, among the storm of earnings released, Microsoft announced a remarkable milestone: Bing is now profitable. Microsoft’s CFO Amy Hood said “In search, we expect Bing’s strong trajectory to continue, remaining profitable for the remainder of the year.” As per the comScore, Bing has 20.7 percent of US market share. Microsoft reported that “search