Google is always endeavored to offer the best experience to the visitors and for this, the leading search engine keeps making so many changes at regular intervals. The experiment Google is doing now is a new style of home service ads.

In this new style, the local search results highlighting potential businesses has been replaced by a form asking for zip code and specific service from the drop down menu.

The point worth noticing here is that now AdWords ads will not be shown above the search results; rather these will be displayed in the right sidebar, and the space will be used for the new Home Service Ad box.

Further, Google will also sideline local 3packs, which was earlier visible with Home Service ads. Though the new experiment, at first, seemed like local 3packs version, the search engine has now made some changes to differentiate it from the same.

This new feature will help searchers find exact matches for their requirements and will save them from the hassle of contacting numerous other businesses listed on the top but not offering the particular services.

This is really a great opportunity for the businesses not paying for paid Home Service Ads. At the same time it also compels the businesses to focus more on organic SEO for rankings, for they will not be able to get position due to the removal of the local 3-pack feature.