Local SEO

Do you find WordPress the easiest CMS and run a website on this platform? Are you looking for the easy techniques to optimize benefits from WordPress website with local SEO?

WordPress websites are the most preferred choices for small scale businesses. This is the highly used platform among people looking for CMS website. As high as that statistics from BuiltWith.com say that the platform rules around 50 percent of the internet.

Not just the small businesses, but there are many leading brands which are still using WordPress websites like Search Engine Land and official Star Wars blog, among others.

Local SEO on WordPress Website

Though the platform is easy to handle, you need to use some additional strategies to optimize results from your website. It is due to the changes, plugins and other features added to your website as per your business and theme.


In simple terms, these are the categories to differentiate your content and make it easier for the search engine to categorize things for different users. It is the technique used for grouping. For instance, ‘Animals’ are a Taxonomy and the further categorization like cats, dogs, etc. are the groups, which are known as terms.

This is important for you to understand these taxonomies and their right usage to get maximum benefits from SEO. Usually, these get disturbed and many meaningless taxonomies are created when the wordpress website designing companies customize the website as per the special theme.

WordPress SEO Plugin

Almost all the leading companies and expert SEOs use one WordPress plugin by Yoast to optimize the website for SEO. It further enables you to extend the SEO features with modules for news, videos and Local SEO modules.

There are both free and premium plugins offered by Yoast. Though most of the companies opt for the free version, being an experienced SEO company, YNG suggests its clients for paid version for additional features.

Once you have installed the plugin, you need to make a few other settings in your website to reap the maximum profits. Have a look at the major settings:

  • Name your website and write description in the general settings

  • Fill in the company details in main settings page

  • Optimize Titles & Metas

  • Fill in details of social components of the brand

Content creation for local SEO

You should also be careful while writing content for you local SEO. Though it should be equally effective like other content written by an expert content writing services provider, it should be more focused on location and services.

Create separate pages for different locations and different services, and link them together. Besides this, you should also take care of citations, reputation and reviews for local SEO. It is easily possible by creating links for authority building.

Also, read and implement the suggestions and tips given for WordPress website SEO at Yoast website. Just follow the tips given here and you will get easily get desired results from your Local SEO.