Are you also one of the PPC marketers who keep waiting for the inefficiencies or some issues to dig deeper into your accounts? Do you get so much busy with keywords bids, campaign performance and day-parting that you don’t even get to know about money leakage from you PPC account?

There is never a right or wrong time to look efficiencies in your account. But sometimes, you also need to focus on negative areas and one of the best ways to assess AdWords account’s economic health is to have a look at query mapping. It helps in finding an appropriate match of the queries while adding negatives.

Though it is now a whole new concept, most of the PPC companies as well as individual advertisers do not see value in this. Some avoid it due to the time taken while some feel that when engines can match the keywords, why they should waste their time on it.

Whatever is the reason they give, they forget about the important fact that ignorance of query mapping can cause huge money leakage from the account.

Performance gaps

Keyword mapping helps the advertisers find terms which are already performing well and need a little push to perform better. Sometimes you will find the same terms performing differently in two ad groups. All this happens due to the quality of ad copy and the landing page.

So the right technique, in this case, is to mark the term as a negative keyword in the campaign with low revenues to drive traffic to the second campaign.

Isolating keyword performance

Negative keyword mapping not only helps put a check on poor search queries but also have various other benefits like the view of a truer snapshot of keyword performance. For instance, in some account, if you see mere five or six conversions from a particular keyword, you might consider it of less importance. But the real performance can be judged only after checking the complete search term report.

The right technique to check isolate keyword performance is to review query-to-keyword mapping, not query-to-ad group mapping.

Negative keyword sculpting

Query mapping helps you ensure that you are taking right steps with ad copies, landing pages and designing. But still there a some situations where you need to rely upon negative keyword sculpting like to design ad campaigns by match type and to keyword sculpting in dynamic search campaigns to ensure that you are not disturbing your budget.

Query mapping has numerous benefits. Though you need to take out some time for this, the time spent is a real investment to save wastage of money. With time and regular use, you will be able to complete it quickly. So are you ready to optimize you account and see an improved performance for better results, conversions, and a reduced budget.