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Pay Per Click marketing or PPC advertising is one of the important parts of overall digital marketing strategy. With changes in technology, human behavior and other factors, there have been changes in PPC marketing strategies also.

And one of the major contributors in this change is mobile. In 2015, the cost-per-click for desktop advertisements were at its peak due to the downward trend of desktop searches. This was due to increased use of mobile phones for product searches and online shopping. Have a look at how mobiles have transformed digital marketing and PPC along with the role of technology giants.

The year of mobile

Though mobiles have been there for a long time, their role in digital marketing grew further in 2015 when Google confirmed that mobile searches outperformed desktop searches in at least 10 countries.

So, don’t let your visitors go somewhere else. If you haven’t started optimizing your advertising campaigns, for mobile, you are losing a big market share. This is the right time when you should start focusing on mobile PPC campaigns with ‘click to call’ option allowing visitors to call you directly without dialing the number.

Danger of Ad-blockers

Besides pressure of going from desktop to mobile marketing for business growth, another fear for the companies on desktop marketing is increased use of ad-blockers. As per a report presented by Pagefair in collaboration with Adobe, around 200 million users on the internet are using ad-blockers, which has a direct impact on the advertising cost of the marketers.

Though there is no such risk on android phones, Apple recently launched iOS 9, that allows users to download apps to block ads. So, the businesses, who took mobile marketing as their last resort to generate revenue from ads are in big trouble.

The trick to handle this situation is to focus on in-app advertisements, as the ad-blockers block content only on the web browser, not the ones delivered in apps.

The early bird benefit

The digital world is full of opportunities with invention of new technologies. And the present opportunity is mobile marketing. But this comes at the cost of abandonment of tried and tested techniques. You need to take the risk to gain from the new opportunities and if you keep waiting for the right time, the competitors will take away the early bird profits.

So, start embracing new techniques and marketing strategies quickly. Try different ideas and grab the opportunities before your competitors get to know about it. The first-mover advantage is always profitable.