Giving SEO recommendations to the clients is very easy, but the biggest hurdle faced by most of the digital marketing companies is to get these recommendations implemented. This does not end here; clients at the end of the month blame the SEO experts for not achieving the targets like leads, enhanced visibility, traffic etc.

Sometimes it can be just ignorance at the client’s end, but at times there can be various other reasons for not implementing the recommendations like:

  • Lack of resources or time

  • Lack of knowledge

  • Unavailability of the experts

  • Additional cost associated with the changes

  • Limitation to CMS

To encourage your clients to listen to your recommendations and put them in place, you need some processes and procedures. To ensure the SEO recommendations get implemented by the clients, you will have to face some challenges. Find below the challenges and the tactics to handle them successfully.

1. Client education

The first challenge you face is to win client’s trust and make them understand the importance of SEO as well as its impact on your the business and ROI. The right strategy to do it is to educate the client, update them with your strategies and the benefits company will get from your actions. You can also show your client case studies along with the improvements companies noticed in their business in terms of traffic, leads, profits and visibility.

Quick tip: Find a champion who understands the importance of SEO and can cooperate with you in the implementation of the recommendations.

2. Defined roles and responsibilities with resources

When signing a contract with the client, discuss roles and responsibilities of each party to avoid any confusion in future. If the client does not have resources or the required skills to implement to changes, you can include the same in your responsibilities and let the client know about additional charges.

If the client has the resources but in limit like restricted time or small team, you can recommend them changes with clear priorities and focus on the important ones first. Being an expert SEO agency, you should understand client’s limitations and suggest them solutions for the success of the SEO and brand promotion.

3. Difficult patterns

Sometimes internal politics has a huge impact on the implementation of recommendations. In some cases, it might take months to get approval. So, if you are working with such difficult partners, it is better to include a clause in your contract stating that client will be responsible for not getting results if they don’t implement the suggested recommendations.


Right planning can help you a lot in the right implementation of SEO strategies. Just talk to your client, educate them about the benefits of your activities and win their trust to encourage them to make the suggested changes. You can also do this by providing them promised results over years.