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There are different types of marketing strategies companies use to promote their business. Some of these demand upfront investment but take a lot of time to show results, while some give quick results. These include both inbound and outbound promotion strategies for growth of the business. A right blend of both the types of marketing is important for the sustainable growth of business with effective results.

If you own a website and know about the importance of search engine, you must also have an idea about the paid advertising. Pay Per Click (PPC) is one of the most popular paid advertising campaigns, suggested by many digital marketing companies for quick traffic.

There are some more such platforms, and one strong platform among these is Twitter that providing ample opportunities to any business.

This easy to handle advertising and social networking platform has huge potential. You just need to use right strategies and techniques to reap the maximum benefits from this platform. Check the tips given below to find how to improve your quality score and gain maximum benefits from the Twitter ads.

Point to be noticed: The quality score has direct impact on the cost of your Twitter ads

You see posts from people you follow; you favorite them and retweet. But have you sometimes seen random ads from people you are not even following? These are the paid ads.

The profitability of the Twitter ads depends on the engagement and the quality score.

1. Use Twitter Cards

Twitters cards are nothing but the tweets posted with images and videos. These have a high impact on the engagement rate. There are multiple types of twitter cards:

Summary card – used to share link

App card – used to promote app on Twitter

Player card – a tweet posted with embed video

Though these cards are helpful in driving traffic and engaging people, but you cannot include these in every tweet.

2. Reach out to the audience you care about

The easiest way to make your tweets ads more centralized and specific is to use ‘tailored audiences.’ These are more targeted ads for the selected audience.

You will be shocked to know that an ad that was for ‘tailored audience’ had three and a half times higher engagement than the normal ads.

3. Be selective

Not every Twitter ad can be equally beneficial for your business. And hit and trial method will just increase your budget. So, the right strategy is to first try the tweets on normal accounts and pick only the ones with higher engagement.

4. Learn from the competition

Talk to any social media marketing expert and they will tell you about competitive analysis first to improve your strategies.

You can have a close eye on the tweets performing well and create your ads according to them. The best way to find these tweets is to have a look at the competitor ads and learn from them.


Twitter is a strong advertising platform, but only when you know how to leverage its power. Take help of Twitter marketing experts to engage with millions of users and tell them about your business.

Understand the importance of quality score, plan well to minimize your cost of advertising and create a profitable campaign.