Facebook is the strongest social media platform, companies rely on to grow their social reach. The though competition in the online market has made it compulsory for the companies to invest in social media marketing and stay in touch with the fans.

The largest social networking platform witnesses the presence of companies from almost every industry. All the small, medium and large sized organizations make sure they have a strong presence on this platform. But in last few days, there had been a drop in organic reach. Tough large organizations handled the situation with paid advertisements to ensure the same reach, small scale companies could not manage this due to a limited budget.

So, what does it mean, should the small companies step back from Facebook marketing or be happy with the limited reach they are getting?

No, to stay in the competition and reap the benefits for Facebook, you need to get traffic. Don’t worry, you are not required to go out of your budget. There are some techniques to increase your social reach without paying for the ads. Have a look on some of the strategies to grow you reach.

Focus on remarkable content

If you don’t have the budget to invest in paid ads, your focus should be on shareable content and high-quality posts. If you think that mediocre content can drive traffic to your site, forget about it. Focus on the content that resonates with the audience and encourage them to share it.

Write detailed blogs

This is what every digital marketing expert is following. The in-depth blog posts help you build a brand, create a niche and beat the competition. You can further boost value of your content by including:

  • Links to resources and researches

  • Graphics and screen shots

  • Embedded videos to explain the topic in detail

Create captivating graphics

Have you ever noticed the difference between the number of likes and shares on images and text posts? Images get more views, likes and shares. But only when these are attractive, informative and attention grabbing. Even if you have to make some announcement regarding the launch of new product or some deals, do it with engaging images.

Learn about the audience

Better understanding about the audience helps you offer them more personalized experience with customized images, content and videos.

Moreover, it also helps you understand the right time to reach the audience by posting the content when most of the people are online. Interviewing the audience is one of the best ideas to get more insights about the audience and offer them the best experience in terms of engaging graphics, content that provides a solution to the problems and videos with tutorials or product usage.

Share you brand personality

Don’t just follow what others are doing. Create your own brand personality and popularize it by unique and creative posts that resonate your brand.

If you don’t have money to pay for ads and get reach on social media, you can do it by using the above-mentioned techniques. Just remember that it demands extra efforts and hard work than the competitors and brands getting reach with paid ads.